Women stripped and groped by sex slave trader

Caged Woman in Purgatory (1991) is a sleazy women in prison film that features the usual ingredients such as rape, sexual abuse and lesbian sex. This scene shows a vile sex trafficker inspecting his newest recruits in a humiliating manner.

Woman suspected of drug trafficking has cavity search

Former porn star Anita Rinaldi plays a woman who is detained and forced to undergo an invasive strip search as airport authorities search her for smuggled drugs in Midnight Obsession (1995).

Hot girl is strip searched by Russian secret police

This clip from Czech movie Stalin 2 (2005) sees beautiful Katerina Tetova interrogated, stripped and degraded by the Russian police who then lead her naked to a jail cell.

ENF (embarrassed nude female) endures humiliating strip search

Marisol Nichols goes to visit her jailed boyfriend in Felon (2008), but is made to undergo a strip search before being allowed to see him. A moody black lady orders her to remove her bra to visually inspect her breasts, leaving a stunned Marisol degraded and upset.